My book in a Tallahassee bookstore…

Another “first” happened a few days ago. After arriving in Tallahassee, Florida to visit family and friends over the Christmas holidays, I got in touch with a local bookstore. Lori the manager was amazing, extremely kind, and more than happy to talk to me about my book on a shelf there. I met with her one morning and after a good conversation, history was made. I don’t think I can be more excited about it! So if you’re ever driving around wondering what to do, how about this: drive to Tallahassee and pick up a few books at My Favorite Books, one of them being my book, of course 🙂 Ok, ok, if you don’t live in the southeast that might be asking a bit much, but you can at least like them on Facebook here!


Merry Christmas

“For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities – all things were created through him and for him.” Colossians 1:16

The Bible says God created everything; big things, small things, powerful things, beautiful things, He created everything. And today, on Christmas, we celebrate part of His master plan… when he created the way for us to be with Him again in a little baby named Jesus. I hope you have a great day celebrating with family and friends and somehow, in some way, feel God’s love for you.

Merry Christmas!


In a galaxy not far, far away… it’s my book!

OK, OK, I get it. All these fans are giddy about the new “Star Wars” movie in theaters this week. But part of me likes to pretend their building excitement is for my book release in a galaxy not far, far away! In fact, it’s super close because it’s our galaxy*.

*distribution limited until Amazon begins delivering to outer space, details pending.

But just like those rabid fans having to wait a few more days, I’ve had to wait also. I really, really want this book to be out there so my friends and family and anyone else in the galaxy** can order it.

**sign up for Amazon Prime Now and get free 2-light year shipping to Mars on orders over 1,000 Mars Buggles
(1,000 Mars Buggles = $35 USD).

In the next few days, UPS should be delivering the very first copy of Big and Small, God Made Them All. I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…. scared***.

***Thank you, Jessi Spano for your caffeine pill meltdown we’ll never forget.

Once I inspect it inch by inch and dot by dot so that it’s perfect for you, I’ll be announcing it everywhere that it’s for sale. Until then, how about watching this cute puppy?

***Jessie’s meltdown:


Book Trailer is up and running!

Hi there! I know the book isn’t quite available yet, but to tide you over a bit, there’s not a book trailer. OK, OK, this is intended to make you want to buy the book more than I hope you already do, just like a movie trailer is supposed to make you want to watch the movie. So in a few weeks, instead of buying a movie ticket, why not pick up a copy of Big and Small? That you you don’t have to sit in a movie theater with a bunch of people you don’t know, sit in smelly seats, and have your shoes get stuck on the sticky floors! 😉