Big and Small: Nicaragua update


My project “Big and Small: Nicaragua” is over but I’m happy that family, friends, and friends of friends were willing to take a small leap with me. The backstory is for every 10 eBooks sold of my book Big and Small, God Made Them All, an actual physical book would be donated to Club Esperanza in Managua, Nicaragua. My friend from college lives and works down there so because of a number of eBooks being downloaded, I’ll be sending books to Nicaragua very soon.

I love coming up with projects like this that are fun for me, but also potentially impact children in a country I’ve never even been to. We all need Jesus, whether we’re millionaires, thousandaires, young, old, man, woman, kid, lonely, happy, tall, short, skinny, not so skinny, everyone. Jesus came to our world for everyone, and if my book can play a part in a child (or adult) being nudged a little more towards Him, then hey, that’s a win.

I’ll have more updates and hopefully some pictures when the books make it down there! Thanks again for being involved with my project, as my friend Andrea would say… you ROCK!