New retailer in middle Tennessee carrying my book!


If you’ve ever been to Nashville, you might quickly learn there are quite a few outlying cities/towns that:

  1. Are growing in population
  2. Have amazing places to visit whether it’s food, music, or historic landmarks
  3. Are only a short drive from Nashville

One of those growing suburbs southeast of Music City is Smyrna, Tennessee; population: 39,974. I recently drove Pearl the Nissan down to Solid Rock, a great shop especially if you’re a teacher, looking for used/new textbooks, homeschooling material and/or hands-on-learning devices.

There’s also something else you’ll find there… my book! Kellye (the owner) and I became instant friends and I have a feeling if you meet her, you’ll have a new friend as well. She’s so personable and great to chat with. So after a good convo I made my way back home but left a part of me behind… the book I cherish so much. At the time of writing this there are 5 books available there, so please won’t you stop by to take a look? And at the very least be encouraged by chatting with Kellye!

solid rock
More about Solid Rock Educators’ Books & Supplies by clicking the link!