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When a child loves my books…

A friend of mine who I know through playing soccer in town recently took my first book, Big and Small God Made Them All, with her as she was going to visit extended family. Now, to be honest, that in itself is exciting enough BUT there’s more!

A few days into her trip she sent me a photo of one of the children in her family sitting in her lap, reading the book, and pointing to the illustrations.

I can’t really come up with the words to adequately describe how awesome it makes me feel to know even just one child loves the book! There are other stories like that, too, and it amazes me every time. I love, love, love when a young reader connects with the book whether it’s through the illustrations, the rhymes, the story, any part of the book.

If I were a puppy, I’d be wagging my tail all day!!! A big thanks to my friend, and to all of you who have picked up either one of my books. It means so much to me!


My books on store shelves

I’m finding it hard to explain how I feel seeing my two books together on a shelf. This first picture is from T. Charleston’s Books & Gifts in Branson, Missouri. The next picture is from My Favorite Books in Tallahassee, Florida.
It’s just crazy. I’m so proud and yet I’ve got so much further to go, more to do, more to say. The next time you’re in Tallahassee, stop by My Favorite Books and say hi to Amanda. Then trek on over to Branson, Missouri and say hi to Liz at T. Charleston’s Books & Gifts!


The Brave Bamboo shipping this Friday

I have great news to share: We’re only 8 days away from Bamboo’s official release to the public! On February 22nd, matching up with Walk Your Dog Day, you can own your very own hard cover book. As an added bonus, I’m offering signed copies to celebrate the release. It’s very simple: Just click the PayPal link below and it’ll take you through the steps to order. To pay by check, find the “contact Ben” tab above and I’ll be in touch about arranging payment that way. Thank you in advance for your support!!


Release date for the Brave Bamboo


I’ve loved working on this project! But to be honest, I’ve gone through a range of emotions because while this is my second book, there is still so much I don’t know; so much I’m learning about the writing process, the publishing process, marketing, and business, too.

February 22, 2017

Well, all that aside, my second baby is coming into the world on February 22, 2017, coinciding with Walk Your Dog Day. I thought that would be the perfect day to celebrate this timid little pup named Bamboo.
You’ll be able to pre-order the book on Amazon in the next few weeks!

Introducing The Brave Bamboo


There are certain things that can only happen once: a baby’s first step, a baby’s first word, your first day of high school, owning your first house, things like that. Well, I’m nearing one of those landmarks as 2016 winds down… the announcement of my second book!

The team working on the book with me is working on the final artwork and the design of the interior, so the book should be officially published in early 2017.

To celebrate, all December long you have a chance to win the first signed copy. To enter, just purchase my first book, “Big and Small, God Made Them All” online (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million), or send me an email at if you’d like a signed copy. For every book purchased, you receive one entry for this special drawing… buy one book, get one entry. Buy two books, two entries and so on. Note: Once you make a purchase, email to be entered into the drawing.

I’m so excited to share this second book with you, so without further chatter from yours truly, here’s a synopsis of “The Brave Bamboo”…

Bamboo stays behind when his mom, brother, and sister go outside. He worries about what might be out there. Adventure, fun, or danger! But when his family needs him, can he overcome his fears to become the Brave Bamboo? 


Book details:
Size 8.5 x 11 inches
Hard Cover
Audience toddler to early elementary
Schedule for publish in 2017

Salve a ti, Nicaragua


Earlier this year folks from all over took part in…

Big and Small: Nicaragua

…and the end result is this: Big and Small, God Made Them All is now in the hands of kids near Managua, Nicaragua! I couldn’t be happier that they have another way (along with all the support they’re already getting there) to find out more about God and His love. Thanks to everyone who supported the idea and support the book!

Book signing in Tallahassee, Florida



No tricks planned for my book signing in Tallahassee on October 29th, it’ll just be a treat! Mostly for me, because I love when someone comes in to pick up a book for a loved one. I’ve heard so much positive feedback about how much children enjoy my book, and really for me, that’s the best treat I can even imagine. More about the book can be found here and a few reviews can be found here.

I hope to see you in Tallahassee on October 29th from 11am to 1pm at My Favorite Books…
1415 Timberlane Rd #313
Tallahassee, FL 32312


Big and Small: Nicaragua update


Earlier this year friends and family helped make my project “Big and Small: Nicaragua” a success! The idea in a nutshell was this: people buy the eBook version of my book, which in turn pays for the print book to be shipped down to a friend of mine who works with kids in Nicaragua.

Well, it was a success and I’m so thankful for those that chose to take part! The book now resides in the boys home there, and I’m so excited about the potential that exists: young men reading or hearing about the beautiful world we live in being designed and created by a wonderful God that loves them. I think hearing that at a young age can do wonders in their lives, in anyone’s life…. and actually, at any age!

Grateful for friends, family, and the future!