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Reviews for “Big and Small, God Made Them All”Book Reviews 03052016

“This book is awesome and a gift from God to children! We gave Ben’s book to about 37 three year olds this year! I promise you’ll love!!!”
Pam, Pre-School Director (June 2016)

“Got the book Ben and it is awesome!!! We really enjoyed it!!! You should be proud. The cover material is cool too btw.”
Matt M., Florida (June 2016)

“We love the book!!!! It’s so beautiful!! The kids have read it close to a dozen times today! My daughter also decided that she likes the way the cover feels as compared to her other books. It’s soft and smooth she said! LOL It’s awesome!!”
Andrea D., Florida (April 2016)

“My children love this book. It is short enough to hold the interest of the one year old, our three year old likes the sweet illustrations, yet it’s not too simple for our eight year old. It can be hard to come by a book that is for both genders and such a wide age range. Mr. Wilder walks us through some of God’s creations and leaves us thinking about them long after we’re done reading.”
Amazon customer (March 2016)

“First-time author Wilder offers a rhymed sampling of some of the animals and natural wonders that make up God’s creation, ‘from buzzing bees to roaring seas.’ The barely-there, catalogue-style text leaves the door wide open for [illustrator Laura] Watson in terms of visual narrative. Working in a sunny pastel palette, she creates a cheerful landscape full of smiling, bug-eyed creatures—even a dozen or so peas nestled in their pods smile out at readers.” (Read the full review by clicking below)
Publishers Weekly

“Got your book today, thank you, I even enjoyed reading it and the illustrations are great.”
Travis R., Florida

“I gave a copy to my 20 month old nephew and he loves it!!”
Tracey S., Alabama

Big and Small is the kind of book that preschoolers will find enchanting and parents won’t mind reading over and over. A rare gem indeed.  From the darling illustrations to the heartfelt message that reminds kids God made them uniquely and on purpose, this is the kind of book that every parent can feel good about.”
Mandy Arioto, MOPS International

“As a parent of two toddlers, I am always looking for interesting ways to introduce the gospel to my children.  Ben does a wonderful job bringing one of the simplest and most important stories they will ever hear to life.”
Allison DeMarcus, CMT Personality

“As parents, we love teaching our kids about God’s character and power through relatable and adventurous storytelling. Big and Small does a great job of taking the foundational truth of God’s creation and packaging it in a fun, creative, and visual way for kids.”
Collin & Rachel Sparks, Kanakuk Kamps Directors

“How do you begin to legitimately introduce the Gospel to a young child? You present them with God’s creation of the universe; the animals and the moon and the sea. You teach them that God created of all those wonderful things. Then you explain that this same God loves them too. That is exactly what Ben Wilder has done here with this story.”
Nick Shell, Family Friendly Daddy Blog

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