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My books on store shelves

I’m finding it hard to explain how I feel seeing my two books together on a shelf. This first picture is from T. Charleston’s Books & Gifts in Branson, Missouri. The next picture is from My Favorite Books in Tallahassee, Florida.
It’s just crazy. I’m so proud and yet I’ve got so much further to go, more to do, more to say. The next time you’re in Tallahassee, stop by My Favorite Books and say hi to Amanda. Then trek on over to Branson, Missouri and say hi to Liz at T. Charleston’s Books & Gifts!


Turning the page…

Every day that goes by could be a page in the book being written about my publishing experience. If that were true, I’m guessing we’re at the mid-way point of the story. Things are starting to come together and the main character (my book) will soon be what it was meant to be… a published book!

I’m anxious to share some of the illustrations with you, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. So be patient! I’m trying to do the same.

Today I’ve been working with Laura the illustrator on nailing down a cover. She’s sent me a few great ideas but none seem to quite feel right. So today she’s going back to the drawing board to come up with a few more ideas. I believe we’ll both know when it’s right, and it’ll be great. She’s also working on the color illustrations for the interior of the book; images we’ve agreed are good to go.

Also, the other day I was Snapchatting with my 12-year-old niece and took this picture. Snapchat-7225519916447714903

The more I’ve had time to think about it, it’s more of a sea horse, is it not? Anyway, hope you’re having a good week!